Allergic Rhinitis Homeopathic Medicine

If you are suffering from frequent sneezing attacks, runny nose, and itchy eyes? If yes, then you are suffering from allergic rhinitis, simply called nasal allergy. Also known as hay fever, this condition sometimes causes breathing problems and is then called hay asthma. Homeopathic medicines can provide significant relief to those who suffer from allergic rhinitis not only temporarily but also as a long-term cure for nasal allergies.

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What is Allergic Rhinitis?

An allergic response causes itchy, watery eyes, sneezing, and other similar symptoms. Allergic rhinitis occurs seasonally or year-round. Diagnosis involves history-taking, examination of the nasal passages, and sometimes skin testing. Symptoms include sneezing, runny nose, and red, watery, and itchy eyes.

What causes Allergic Rhinitis?

It is a part of the reaction of the body to a misdirected defense response from the body. This occurs when the body’s own defense cells called antibodies start attacking substances like pollen, wheat threshing dust, dust, etc. In other words, the body’s defense cells, which are meant to fight micro-organisms like bacteria and viruses, start attacking substances like pollen which are otherwise harmless to our body. This interaction between the defense cells (antibodies) and substances like pollen, wheat threshing dust (antigens), etc. results in the production of a substance, histamine, which is responsible for all local symptoms produced during allergies.


Symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis

Some symptoms arise immediately after exposure to the allergen and some of the symptoms may develop later. It’s pertinent to mention here that symptoms of allergic rhinitis are not life-threatening but can seriously affect the quality of one’s life. The symptoms may occur only in a particular season or all the year around, which depends on the type of allergic rhinitis.

The following symptoms arise immediately upon exposure to an allergen:

– sneezing that can range from a few to many

–  profuse watery discharge from the nose

– itching in the nose, eyes, roof of the mouth and throat

– watery, red eyes

The following symptoms may occur later:

– blocked stuffy nose

– cough

– sore, scratchy throat

– headache

– Blockage in ears

– reduced sense of smell

– fatigue, irritability, feeling ill

– difficulty in breathing in some patients

-dark under-eye circles

How does homeopathy help in curing allergic rhinitis?

In allergic rhinitis, homeopathic medicines work by optimizing the overactive immune system. Homeopathic medicines provide a stimulus (in a highly diluted form) to the body similar to what the trigger or allergen would have produced, leading to the gradual desensitization of the immune system. Homeopathic medicines used for treating allergic rhinitis mainly come from plants or organic substances. So, they do not have any side effects and help in recovering naturally.

Allergic Rhinitis Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathic medicines can treat allergic rhinitis easily. Here we discuss the top 5 homeopathic medicines for allergic rhinitis.

1. Natrum Mur 

It is the leading homeopathic medicine for treating allergic rhinitis. It covers nearly all the problem areas and is the most widely used homeopathic medicine for treating nasal allergies. Violent sneezing and runny nose is the foremost guiding symptom to put it into use. The nasal discharge is thin and watery resembling the raw white of an egg. This discharge may flow for a day or two followed by nasal blockage which makes breathing difficult. Frequent sneezing occurs early in the morning and a sensation of a small worm wriggling in the nostril is felt. Loss of smell and taste may also be noted.

2. Sabadilla

It is a natural medicine sourced from seeds of the Cebadilla plant. It is used when a person is oversensitive to strong smells.  The most noteworthy symptom of using this medicine is marked sneezing, along with a runny nose which gets worse with strong odors, for example, perfume. It is followed by watering and redness in the eyes. A stuffed nose may sometimes add to your woes.

3. Arsenic Album 

Though placed at number three, it is equally effective as the above-mentioned two medicines. The only difference is that it is prescribed by a homeopath based on different symptoms. It is recommended when there is thin watery nasal discharge that causes a burning sensation in the nose, and excoriation which means peeling away of the skin of the nostrils. It is accompanied by sneezing. The patient’s condition worsens in the open air but feels better indoors. Sometimes, you might have a stuffy nose along with the above-mentioned symptoms.

4. Allium Cepa 

The most pressing indication to use this medicine is profuse, watery irritating burning nasal discharge and copious, non-irritating eye discharge. In severe cases, the nasal discharge burns and corrodes (damages) the nose and upper lips due to its acidic nature. It is accompanied by sneezing. Allium is also recommended when sneezing and nasal discharge worsen on entering a warm room and gets better in open air. It is also effective when intense sneezing occurs on rising from bed. When nasal allergy worsens in spring or early in the month of August, Allium Cepa is the most extensively used remedy.

5. Arundo Mauritanica

The most outstanding symptom pointing to its use is itching in the nostrils and sneezing. Itching of the palate (roof of the mouth) and eyes is also felt along with a burning sensation.

Note Above mention medicines for allergic rhinitis is only for knowledge and educational purpose, do not take any medicine without consulting a registered homeopathic physician. You can also get a consultation from us.

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FAQ- Allergic Rhinitis

How to cure allergic rhinitis permanently?

Allergic Rhinitis can easily cured by taking homeopathic medicines according to your signs and symptoms from a homeopathic physician.

What is Allergic Rhinitis?

Allergic rhinitis is an atopic disease characterized by symptoms of nasal congestion, clear rhinorrhea, sneezing, postnasal drip, and nasal pruritis.

Can allergic rhinitis be cured?

Yes, it can be cured by taking homeopathic medicines.

What is the homeopathic medicine for allergic rhinitis?

In homeopathy, there is lots of medicine to treat allergic rhinitis and the top 5 medicine are given above.

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